We believe in bringing more good energy into the world.

We're here to uplift your skin and spirit through sense-drenching body care experiences. From razors and refills to shave gels and lotions, we make vibrant, skin-loving go to's for your shave prep and body care regimens.

We believe in transforming routine into self-care ritual.

Everything we make is dermatologist tested and made with purposely selected ingredients for skin-loving results. Plus, our expertly crafted corrosion-resistant razor blades and skillfully formulated shave gels are designed to minimize irritation, leaving skin smooth and soft with each shave.

We believe that skin loving can be earth loving, too.

All of our plastic trays are made with 100% recycled material, and most of our packaging is recyclable after use*. We make 3-blade razor handles with up to 69% recycled plastic, and we continue to look for new ways to incorporate sustainable materials in all our products. And when it's time for a new razor, you can send any used Skintimate disposable razors directly to us - free of charge - and we'll recycle them for you.

Visit EdgewellRecycling.com for details

And we're made just for you.

Today, we're the #1 bestselling shave gel** in the U.S. We're proud to serve like-minded people everywhere who believe in bringing more Good Vibes into the world, too.

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