Skintimate Disposables Holiday Gift Set

Reinvigorate her ordinary, everyday shave routine. Our Skintimate Disposables Holiday Gift Set lets her mix things up with 10 disposable razors in 4 different varieties, plus a delightfully-scented shave gel. This limited-edition set includes: (3) Skintimate Coconut Delight 4-Blade Razors, (3) Skintimate Exotic Violet Bloom 4-Blade Razors, (2) Skintimate Sensitive 4-Blade Razors, (2) Skintimate Raspberry Rain® 4-Blade Razors, and (1) Skintimate Raspberry Rain Shave Gel 2.75oz.

Size: 1 ct.
  • Skintimate Disposable Razors have 4 SmoothProtect blades for a blissful, self-pampering experience that delivers a close, smooth shave with fewer nicks and cuts guaranteed*. 
  • Skintimate Coconut Delight Razors feature a tropical-coconut-scented handle.
  • Skintimate Exotic Violet Bloom Razors feature an exotic Violet Blooms-scented handle. 
  • Skintimate Sensitive Razors have a skin-conditioning strip with a touch of aloe—ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Skintimate Raspberry Rain Razors feature a vibrant, refreshing raspberry-scented handle. 
  • Skintimate Raspberry Rain Shave Gel is Blissfully-scented and formulated with six hydrating ingredients, including shea butter & vitamin E, to moisturize and protect as you shave.

*vs. Skintimate Twin Blade.

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